Robert M. McNamara, Jr. Joins. OmniTrust” Security Systems, Inc. Advisory Board


Former CIA General Counsel to Further Steer Content Security Company into Government Marketplace
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (April 6, 2004) – OmniTrustTm Security Systems, Inc. (formerly Probix, Inc.), a leading provider of content security services, today announced that Robert M. McNamara, Jr. has joined the company’s advisory board. McNamara will assist in the strategic planning of addressing the unique needs of the government marketplace.
“Clearly, all government agencies, particularly those engaged in national security and intelligence, put a high priority on safeguarding sensitive or classified information,” according to McNamara. “In the past, securing information after it has been delivered to various constituencies has presented a major challenge. OnmiTrust appears to have solved.this problem more effectively than anything I’ve seen.”
McNamara, whose illustrious career in public service has spanned four decades, is currently a partner at Malian, Phelps & Phillips, LLP law firm in Washington, DC and sows as managing director of Martin t Jones Global Strategies, LLC, the firm’s international consulting subsidiary. McNamara was appointed General Counsel for the CIA in November 1997 by President Clinton. In that capacity, Mr. McNamara served as the Agency’s chief legal officer, ensuring the CIA complied with U.S. and international law in providing foreign intelligence to the president, the National Security Council and other senior officials executing national security policy.
Before being appointed General Counsel to the CIA, Mr. McNamara served as Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement at the Department of the Treasury. Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of Enforcement at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which oversees institutional markets and regulates commodity professionals. Mr. McNamara also served as General Counsel of the Peace Corps, Legislative Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Assistant Majority Counsel of the U.S. Senate Watergate Committee.
McNamara graduated in 1973 from Georgetown University Law Center, received an A.B. from John Carroll University in 1968 and a B.A. from Mount Carmel College in 1967.
“That a luminary of McNamara’s caliber and profile should engage with us is testament of the glaring need to more effectively protect sensitive information – from inception through delivery and afterward,” said Michael Mansouri, president and CEO of OmniTrust Security Systems. “I am gratified that Bob recognizes in OmniTrust a solution to a grave problem of national dimensions: as a result, I have no doubt that Bob will further our efforts immeasurably in penetrating the government marketplace.”