OmniTrustTM Security Systems, Inc. Debuts Product Line to Safeguard Confidential Information Permanently – Even After Distribution


Fast-growing content security company extends corporate security perimeter,
enabling organizations to communicate safely with outside entities

MOUNTAIN VIEW. Calif, ? January 27. 2004 ? OmniTrustrm Security Systems. Inc. (formerly Probix. Inc.), a provider of content protection security services, today announced a broad range of products and services designed to extend corporate security perimeters by safeguarding confidential company information indefinitely, even after the information has been distributed. As a result. organizations can freely collaborate with customers. suppliers. employees and partners without fear that confidential data will be misused. and brings them into compliance with new information confidentiality laws.
The company also today announced the conclusion of a funding round (sec press release entitled. OmniflusiTM Security Systems (formerly Probix) Lands $6 Million in rtmding).
Confidential information normally unprotected after delivery
Most companies have technologies in place to protect confidential information from unauthorized use while on the company premises and in transit over the Internet. However, once that information is actually delivered. all bets are off. Until now, there has been no way to revoke usage rights or otherwise protect information after the data has been sent.
Without any post-delivery provisions in place, companies and government organizations are open to an endless array of potential security breaches, and propriety information loss. Recent examples of such misappropriation carry consequences ranging from embarrassment ? such as the interception and distribution of compromising missives – to business-threatening, such as competitive losses and financial communication interception affecting stock prices. In fact, approximately 40% of all computer-related security losses are due to such information theft * The problem has become so widespread that a number of regulations have been implemented to help prevent electronic information misuse. including the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and HIPAA guidelines for protecting confidential information.
Now: security perimeter can be extended to protect information indefinitely
OnmiTrust has responded to this critical information security threat with the Trustee line of non-intrusive, standards-based, cross-platform solutions. The Tnistee products encrypt and then wrap content with extremely detailed usage policies. accompanied by mobile code that travels with the information permanently. These measures allow companies to centrally configure and control exactly how electronic content will be used and by whom, even after the content has been distributed via the Internet. email, web portals, or any other means of electronic communication. In addition to eliminating the numerous pitfalls of confidential information loss, this ability significantly reduces legal liabilities, and brings companies into compliance with confidentiality regulations.
“OniniTrust represents a breakthrough in trusted communication and collaboration. delivering a true end to end content security solution.” according to Don Bell, president and founder of MailboxSecurity, Inc., an OnmiTrust customer and partner. “While most security vendors offer technologies that protect some segment of the company’s sensitive information. or protect such
information while on the company premises and/or in transit over the Internet. this is the first solution I’ve seen that keeps all company information safe – permanently.-

Trustee product line
The products come in two versions. Trustee for Email provides a simple way for individual users to secure email messages and attachments using a Microsoft Outlook. Lotus Notes or web-based interface. It is available as an enterprise software license, an appliance. or as a managed service. Trustee for Portal. available as a software license or as an appliance. is a highly customizable software package that protects confidential company information residing on web sites. portals. document management systems and other collaborative platforms.
Both products deliver more granularity of protection than ever before possible, enabling organizations to quickly and easily set almost any configuration of usage policies. For example. a company can limit information access to certain devices and networks; for example. users could be required to access information from a company-issued personal digital assistant (PDA). via the corporate virtual private network (VPN). It can force content to expire ? especially valuable for information containing limited-time offers or promotions. It can also prohibit the retention of local copies on recipients’ machines: establish which users get to print material, where they print it. and even whether or not they print with a watermark: and much more.
Once an organization has secured its data. the Trustee line provides an extensive audit trail detailing the access and use of the protected information, enabling companies to track and analyze usage. and comply with confidentiality regulations. The Trustee offering enables organizations to:

  • Encrypt delivery of confidential documents, including information residing in portals, extranets. emails and attachments. and any other form of electronic information.
  • Easily set detailed usage policies for this information. providing the ability to establish who gets it and in what form; as well as how. mid for how long. they can use it.
  • Ensure that confidential information is protected indefinitely. even after being sent.
  • Revoke access to confidential documents and email messages if necessary, even after delivery.
  • Restrict distribution of sensitive information.
  • Force time-sensitive material such as pricing or promotions to expire.
  • Track and analyze access and use of information through a detailed audit trail function.

Information theft has wrought a great deal of damage in corporate America, from financial and competitive losses to noncompliance with privacy regulations. and loss of good will,” according to Michael Mansouri. president and CEO of OmniTrust. “OnmiTnist represents an enormous relief to companies that need to protect confidential information. for now they can do so easily, inexpensively, and permanently. Our customers see OnmiTnist as a way to extend their enterprise security perimeters.”

Pricing and availability
Available now, OnmiTrust Trustee for Email and Tnistee for Portals are priced variously for software license, managed services and appliance packages.