jshoreJon Shore is the MD for the Eastern Europe. Among his many tasks Mr. Shore does market research and investment evaluation for MGI1 companies. Jon Shore has been a lifelong entrepreneur.

Prior to his business career, Mr. Shore spent 30 years as a psychotherapist, writer, trainer, coach and lecturer. Mr. Shore completed MA studies in psychology. After his business studies Jon founded JBS Group specializing in innovation creation, marketing, customer loyalty, international business development, mobile payment and loyalty technologies. He is also the founder of Sentegra and inventor of the concepts, business models and software/hardware designs that have now grown into the meWallet® System ultra-secure digital mobile authentication/transaction and marketing systems. He is the designer of the meWallet®, (Mobile Electronic Wallet), System, the PayStick, the idGadgetâ„¢ smart transaction devices as well as the SMS Emergency Alert System and the SMS Ticketing and Marketing System. Mr. Shore wrote all patent applications for Sentegra’s mobile payment and loyalty technologies.

Mr. Shore has managed software and hardware development teams in the US, India, China and Europe. He has built an extensive network of executives, investors and friends throughout North America, Europe and China in diverse fields. He has also conducted in-depth, market research in the mobile payment, loyalty, customer service, NFC, tourism and ticketing spaces for the past 19 years in Europe and North America and is considered one of the premier experts in the field of mobile payment, security, loyalty and ticketing. Mr. Shore is also sought after for his extraordinary intuitive approach to marketing, market and product evaluation and business development. Mr. Shore now makes his home in Riga, Latvia where he has founded two different startups and consults for companies worldwide.