Avalon Technology and NRG Join Forces to Create Avalon Global Solutions

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ARLINGTON, VA – March 10, 2009 – Avalon Technology, Inc., a leading provider of Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) solutions, and The Net Results Group, Inc. (NRG), a leading provider of comprehensive Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM), today announced the formation of Avalon Global Solutions (Avalon Global) (www.avalonglobalsolutions.com). The formation of Avalon Global enables Avalon Technology and NRG to provide its customers a broader and more comprehensive suite of fixed and mobile lifecycle management solutions for domestic and international markets at large.“The emergence of Avalon Global Solutions represents a noteworthy advancement in managing enterprise telecommunications and network services by joining two complementary companies with a common vision of providing comprehensive fixed and mobile lifecycle management on a global scale.” said Hyoun Park, Senior Analyst at Aberdeen. “Avalon Global provides a powerful service suite to multinational enterprises seeking an answer to the technical and financial demands associated with managing enterprise network and mobility initiatives. As the surge in remote and geographically dispersed workforces has exponentially increased demands placed on internal support resources, Avalon Global is positioned to deliver a complete lifecycle management solution that transcends the traditional boundaries of Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) to provide a technology enabled Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model that fully manages telecom, mobility, and network services environments.”

Avalon Global will deliver broader solutions beyond TEM that will enable enterprises to efficiently manage their mobile assets and business processes. Currently enterprise requirements span challenging, and often contradictory, business drivers such as cost reduction and business enablement. Avalon Global, as a market segment leader, is migrating towards a holistic approach that combines TEM with Mobile Device Management and other communications management tools. Accordingly, enterprises will gain transparency to manage costs and the ability to control mobile worker’s access to corporate information while improving their mobile device and application experience.

“Avalon Global Solutions is well positioned blending two partners’ strong management teams, complimentary capabilities and corporate cultures,” stated Joe Basili, President of Network Trends Now. “Avalon Technology brings its focus on fast growth, the government sector, and IT management capabilities, while NRG brings a pragmatic approach focused on financial stability, the enterprise market, and the compelling Return-on-Investment (ROI) value proposition of expense management. This is a smart move.”

“Our long-standing partnership with NRG for the past four years made them a natural choice in moving forward to create Avalon Global Solutions,” said Michael Mansouri, Chairman and CEO of Avalon Global. “The creation of Avalon Global provides a strong foundation for the expansion of our mobile and fixed lifecycle management services into the international market. Avalon Technology and NRG customers will enjoy a seamless transition into Avalon Global as well as expanded Help Desk capabilities, increased scalability through additional staff, and redundancy from multiple locations.”

Under the agreement, Avalon Global will acquire the commercial assets and intellectual property of NRG and Avalon Technology upon approval of the Small Business Administration; Avalon Technology will continue to operate independently and maintain its federal and state contracts as well as its status as an SBA 8(a) Business Development Program Participant.

“Avalon Global will be privately held, self-funding and immediately profitable.” said Dave Russie, COO, Avalon. “We want our customers to know in these difficult economic times we are positioned to execute a business plan that will deliver value to our customers through increased access to highly skilled support staff and through greater visibility and control over fixed and mobile operations from our advanced technologies.”

Avalon Global will provide three complimentary lines of business, based on a Business Process Outsourced model, to enterprises in the commercial sector worldwide: Mobile Computing & Communications; Information Security and Network Infrastructure. Avalon Global will also provide traditional TEM services including: procurement, invoice processing, rate plan optimization, help desk support, logistics, advanced application support and mobile security. Together, the combination of Avalon Technology and NRG’s services will increase the breadth of offerings under Avalon Global Solutions to include:

• Mobility Device Management
• Over-the-Air Management
• Next Business Day Replacement
• Custom Mobility Kits (include smart phones, laptops, GobiTM technology, air cards, routers, satellite communication and more)
• Contingency Audits (fixed & mobile; domestic & international)
• BlackBerryTM and BES Management
• Advanced Mobile Application Support
• Mobile Security


About Avalon Global Solutions
Avalon Global Solutions (Avalon Global) is a leading provider of mobile computing and communications services and solutions for domestic and global enterprise customers. Avalon Global delivers business solutions in three core areas; Mobile Computing & Communications, Cyber-Security and Network Infrastructure. Avalon Global’s mobile solutions are designed to help our customers improve productivity and significantly reduce wireless expenditures while optimizing operational efficiency. Avalon Technology, Inc., an SBA certified 8(a) Business Development Program Participant, will perform federal and state contracts.
For more information, please visit us at www.avalonglobalsolutions.com

About Avalon Technology, Inc
Avalon Technology, founded in 2002 in Arlington, VA, is a leading provider of mobile computing and communications services and solutions for federal, state and local government organizations. Avalon Technology is an 8(a) Business Development Program Participant. Inc. Magazine has named Avalon one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America – and the 50th fastest growing company in the Washington metro area. Avalon’s public clients include U.S.

Army, Department of Justice (DOJ), Siemens, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other commercial and Federal agencies.
Please visit us at www.avalontechnology.com for further information.

About The Net Results Group, Inc. (NRG)
Net Results Group, Inc. is a sophisticated provider of telecommunications outsourced services building on a long history of consulting, innovative software development, wireline and wireless audit, cost and invoice management and contract negotiation. NRG’s wireless management process aligns users, services and inventory with enterprise needs and expectations and optimizes contracts and rate plans across multiple vendors. NRG’s outstanding Clarity™ reporting, Foresight™ user web portal and Helpdesk offer a true end-to-end service. NRG solutions offer comprehensive access control, secured communications and optional mobile device security.
Please visit us at www.TheNetResultsGroup.com for further information.

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